Sleeping Beauty: A Child Portrait Session

Occasionally, I find myself needing to justify a weird purchase…. like, say, an old spinning wheel for instance.

What can I say? I love antiques.

Rather than learn a useful skill, like spinning fiber into yarn, I pulled together a dreamy, fairytale child portrait shoot in North Georgia centered around the tale of Sleeping Beauty.

But in this version, the princess saves her own damn self, and I get to keep my spinning wheel.

So, once upon a time….

Atlanta portrait of a child.
Child portrait session in Atlanta, Georgia.
child portrait atlanta
Fairytale child portrait session in Atlanta, Georgia.
Fairytale child portrait session in Atlanta, Georgia.
Fairytale child portrait session in Atlanta, Georgia.
Fairytale child portrait session in Atlanta, Georgia.
Fairytale child portrait session in Atlanta, Georgia.
Fairytale child portrait session in Atlanta, Georgia.
Fairytale child portrait session in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sweet Like Candy

It’s no secret that I have a major sweet tooth. In fact, I’m pretty sure Nutella runs through my veins, and I’m one bubble tea away from becoming a sentient tapioca ball.

So, when I heard that Candytopia was coming to Atlanta, I immediately snagged a couple of tickets and begged my bestie to model for me.

While it was surprisingly busy for a Monday, I have to say that it was everything I thought it would be! The candy sculptures were pretty neat, but let’s be honest, we were there for the free candy and photo ops.

At the end of the day, sometimes you just have to sit smugly in a pit of marshmallows, and I think my model excelled in this respect.

Model: Soyun Park

A woman in a retro-inspired, aqua dress poses in front of a blue sky full of puffy white clouds as she adjusts her candy-coated sunglasses.
Portrait of a woman in a retro dress posing in a rainbow explosion of confetti.
Portrait of a woman posing in front of glowing neon shapes.
Portrait of a woman sitting in a pit of fluffy marshmallows.

Ostara: A Spring Portrait Session

There’s still a chill in the air, but spring has been edging her way into the scene for some time now.

A bloom here, tender green leaves just beginning to unfurl there, quiet explosions of color and birdsong where winter left bare branches not so long ago.

The cycle of birth and rebirth moves on, and untamed Ostara breathes new life into even the most barren of surroundings once again.

Model: Tiffany Mayfield

A distorted image of Ostara standing in a barren, rocky landscape in a black gown.
A slightly distorted image of Ostara dancing in a barren and rocky place.
Slightly distorted image of Ostara dancing in a barren and rocky place.
The wind whips at Ostara’s black gown as she walks through a barren, rocky landscape under a cloudless blue sky.
Ostara crouches among dead trees, surrounded by bare branches.
Woman in a black gown sits on a rocky surface, red blooms appearing beneath her outstretched hand.
Tiny red and white blooms.
A green-eyed woman in a black gown rests her head on a million tiny white flowers.
Woman in a black dress standing in a field of tall golden grass under a cloudless blue sky.
Portrait of a woman lying on moss.
What was once rocky and barren is now covered in lush moss and yellow flowers as Ostara dances her way through the landscape.
Ostara basks in the warmth, turning her face to the sun, a sprig of yellow flowers tucked behind her ear.

Cassidy + Garrett: An Atlanta Anniversary Session

It’s always flattering to know that your work is appreciated.

Years ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Cassidy when she was a bridesmaid at one of the very first weddings I ever shot. Over the years, as my skills and style developed and grew, Cassidy followed my progress on Facebook and always had something positive to say. Imagine, then, how great it felt when Cassidy reacted to the news that I’d be moving back to Atlanta by immediately requesting a quote for a portrait session with her husband! We wasted no time in getting her on the calendar for an anniversary session celebrating one year of marriage.

As Cassidy and Garrett’s Piedmont Park anniversary session photographer, I was thrilled to finally see the sunshine in Atlanta after so many consecutive days of cold and rain.

And what better place to commemorate an Atlanta love story than Piedmont Park, arguably THE quintessential Atlanta landmark with great views of the city skyline and proximity to the beautiful murals on the Beltline?

If anyone wants to know the key to a successful marriage, I think that Cassidy and Garrett may have at least part of answer. Simply put, couples that have fun together, stay together. Throughout their anniversary session, these two joked and laughed, and their easy chemistry shines through in each photograph. Their enthusiasm and total willingness to go with the flow made them a joy to photograph, and I hope they look back on these anniversary photos for years to come.


Love is love

This week, the wedding community witnessed yet another hurtful, hateful encounter between a loving LGBTQ+ couple and a vendor who decided not to take them on as clients due to their sexual orientation.

Suffice it to say that discriminatory actions have consequences, and a screenshot of this vendor’s e-mail (and subsequent “apology”) has been shared and re-shared on social media.

But this post is not about them.

I want to make it abundantly clear that Starglass Photography will always, always support LGBTQ+ couples. Love is love, and there is simply no room for hate in the wedding industry.

So to all the couples who have encountered this kind of hatred while planning your wedding, I am so, so deeply sorry that you’ve had to experience that while planning what should be a happy event.

Know that there are many of us in the wedding industry that support you and love you. We’ve got your back, and we would be proud to serve you on the happiest day of your life, lending our skills and talents to make sure your wedding is a beautiful celebration of your love.

Love and hugs,


Love is Love

Appalachian Elopement: Styled Shoot

After moving back to Atlanta, I needed to find my creative spark again. I was so used to the gorgeous, broody vistas of the Pacific Northwest that I really had trouble rediscovering the beauty in my old Georgia haunts.

But then autumn descended upon the Blue Ridge mountains, draping its golden cloak atop the hills and valleys, and I remembered a small log chapel nestled by a quiet pond that would make a perfect location for a styled elopement.

Armed with my trusty vintage peacock chair and a stunning Reclamation gown, I brought this boho elopement daydream to life.

Models: SoYun Park and Drew

Dress: Reclamation

Florals: Starglass Photography

Vintage rentals: Starglass Photography

Cake: Starglass Photography


Elena + Alex: A Tacoma Wedding

So many happy tears. So much laughter.

Alex and Elena’s wedding day in Tacoma was full to bursting with love and joy, and I’m so happy they chose me to photograph their big day.

After meeting their family and friends, I understand why these two are such warm and loving people. And can we talk about the bridal party? Because they are seriously #squadgoals.

The day couldn’t have been more perfect. From getting ready, to a tearful first look, to a pair of perfectly timed photobombing skateboarders, the day was a beautiful manifestation of Alex and Elena’s love for each other.

Congratulations, you two!

bridal getting ready
groom getting ready
bride in mirror
Wedding Details
wedding cigar
wedding dress
bride veil
mother of the bride
bridal first look
bridal party
wedding vows
Bride and Groom

Kelsey + Matt: A Winter Wedding

Remember this snowy engagement session at Franklin Falls? Nearly a year later, I had the pleasure of returning to Seattle to celebrate and capture Kelsey and Matt’s wedding day.

From the bride’s custom, blinged out Disney shoes to the warmth and love that filled every corner of the space, every detail of this wedding was absolutely perfect.

bridal bouquet
Bride Getting Ready
Mother of the Bride
Something Blue
The Groom
Catholic Ceremony
First Dance
First Twirl
The DJ
The Party

It's Official!

Hey, Georgia!

Starglass Photography, LLC is officially official and open for business in Atlanta and surrounding areas. I’m excited for this next chapter, and what better way to celebrate than to frolic in a Reclamation gown and update my headshots???

Trick question. There is no better way.


By the pricking of my thumbs...

…Something wicked this way comes.

Hello, October. We meet again, you delightfully macabre vixen, you.

You know I’ve missed your crisp autumn kisses and apple cider breath. Why don’t you stay awhile? We’ll huddle by candlelight, telling tales of witches and specters and things that live in velvet shadows. We’ll jump at the sudden sound of fluttering wings or snapping twigs and delight in the terrified shivers that run down our spines.

I’ll start.

Once upon a time, there lived a witch…..


We're Moving!

I have a bittersweet announcement to make. It’s bittersweet because the last two years here have been absolutely wonderful, and I’ve loved every minute living in the PNW.


I’m moving!

I’m headed back to the Southeast, where I spent much of my life and where most of my family and friends still live.

I’ll miss all the new friends I’ve made here, and I will absolutely be coming back to visit.

A sincere THANK YOU to all the folks who’ve touched my life and helped me create beautiful art here. I can’t wait to continue making more, wherever life takes me. I’m not going very far, so you can still keep tabs on me via social media or this blog.

See you around!

Photo by August Montgomery Norman.

Photo by August Montgomery Norman.

Happy Birthday, Baby E!

One of the hazards of being a child and family photographer is that occasionally a session will leave me with a bad case of baby rabies.

This was one such session.

And can you blame me? Look at those baby blues! And the teeny weeny little moccasins. And the itsy bitsy bracelet. And the precious little pink bloomers. I was wholly unprepared for the cuteness levels.

We had an unseasonably chilly day, but little Miss E was a total trooper and graced us with adorable smiles.

More adorable families and all the PNW vibes, please!


Aruba Adventures

Conveniently located off the Venezuelan coast—and I say “conveniently” because much of my family lives in Venezuela—the island of Aruba holds a special place in my heart. Long before it became Insta famous for its flamingo beach and other gimmicky tourist attractions, I spent many childhood summers chasing wild goats and exploring limestone caves and pristine beaches.

Which is why I was so excited to fly down there recently for a family reunion of sorts.

It was nice to come back to this island as an adult. And because I’m #extraAF, I made sure to pack my camera and some pretty dresses for my kiddo. After all, if I’m going to travel 7+ hours to a gorgeous island paradise, it would be a crime not to snap pretty photos of my tiny muse.


But as much fun as I had photographing her, I couldn’t resist getting in on the action. I’m rarely on the other side of the lens, but I secretly love pretending I’m on America’s Next Top Model. So, with a little bribery and minimal begging, I convinced my brother to get a few snaps on my camera.


Elena + Alex: Seattle Engagement Photos

The first time I met Elena and Alex, our initial consult felt less like a client meeting and more like meeting up with old friends. We ended up laughing and chatting about much more than their upcoming wedding, and I knew that with this kind of chemistry, they would be a dream to photograph. 

Sure enough, I had the pleasure of photographing Alex and Elena's engagement session at Gasworks Park in Seattle just a couple short months later, and now I can't wait for their winter wedding. Congratulations, you two! 

Seattle Engagement Photos

Livia + Daniel: A Portland Elopement

I was in my hobbit, when an intriguing e-mail arrived in my inbox. An email that promised fellowship, adventure, and the possibility of second breakfast.

"...we were hoping to have sort of a Hobbit party, if that's okay?"

As a rabid Tolkien fan, I could hardly contain my excitement and read on. 

"Also, we'd like to bring our cat."


Livia and Daniel's waterfall elopement, not too far from Portland, definitely lived up to my Lord of the Rings expectations, and I'm thrilled they chose me to be part of their day. 

Without further ado, I leave you with a Tolkien quote that I think nicely sums everything up. 

"'Here is the heart of Elvendom on earth,' he said, 'and here my heart dwells ever...Come with me!'" - Aragorn, J.R.R Tolkien


Waterfall Ceremony Portland
Portland Elopement
Waterfall Portland Elopement
Portland Bride and Groom

Seattle: Couple Portrait Session

This Seattle couple was an absolute dream to photograph. Seriously. Look at them. They're #couplegoalsAF. 

As if their general adorableness wasn't enough, they were constantly laughing and giggling and having a great time during their couple photo session in West Seattle. I mean if laughter is the best medicine, then these two probably never get sick. Ever. 

After that weird June-uary, it seems summer is finally in full swing here in Seattle. If you need me, I'll be hunting down that delicious, summery golden hour sunlight every day from now until the winter chill starts creeping back. 


Winter: The Most Underrated Season

I like to joke that I'm a delicate tropical flower because I'm so used to the stifling heat and humidity of the Southeast. I usually liiiive for summer. Flip flops and ice cream and skirts and sunshine are my jam.  

Moving to the PNW was certainly an adjustment, especially in the winter. My first winter here, I decided it was too cold and fled to Vietnam for a couple weeks to get some respite from the dreary, cold Seattle winter. 

This past winter, though, I decided to stick it out and find beauty in the cold. I dreamed up an edgy, dark winter elopement photo shoot and set out to find fellow vendors who could help make my vision come to life. 

The photos below are the result of a six mile slog through snow with an absolutely amazing couple who totally rocked the wedding looks I'd been dreaming of. And ya know what, Seattle? Give me all your winter weddings, your winter elopements, your winter engagements. Because this tropical flower has acquired a taste for snow. 


Hair and Make-up: Teze Salon | Invitation Suite: Ink & Sable | Florals: Blooming Seattle | Ring: Delezhen | Earrings: Jewels by Madison Lee | Crystal Hairpins: Rocks and Rebels | Jacket: ASOS



Our Lady of Whimsy: Seattle Portrait Session

Sometimes, I just want to let my wildest daydreams take over.  Explosions of color and light, manifestations of the whimsical, the surreal, the odd. 

Of course, for these daydreams to become reality, you need a willing subject, someone who can enthusiastically don a halo crown made of zip ties and spray paint and prance around in a vintage prom dress. 

It takes a very special person indeed, and I'm so grateful that Tara didn't bat an eyelash at any of my crazy ideas. 



Seattle: Child Portrait Session

I moved to Seattle nearly two years ago, and I have to say I've fallen in love with this place.

The sheer variety of gorgeous, photo-shoot-worthy locations in the city alone is staggering. Want an urban feel for your engagement session? There's a spot for that. A windswept beach vibe for a family portrait session? There's a spot for that. How about a perfectly manicured garden in full bloom for a sophisticated senior photography session? There's a spot for that, too. 

For this session, I wanted a backdrop that would perfectly complement the vintage feel of this darling pinafore dress, and I think this location was spot on. 

Bonus: what child doesn't love throwing pebbles into water or climbing rocks and balancing on giant pieces of driftwood?

The essence of childhood truly comes out in those pure, unguarded moments when a child just lets loose her imagination and plays. 

During this portrait session, little Alice looked for pirate ships on the horizon and tossed pebbles into the waves to count their ripples. She ran up and down the small stretch of beach, chasing imaginary dragons up the rocky "mountains" and showing off her amazing twirling skills. 

I may not be able to literally freeze her in time and keep her small forever, but she'll always have these photos to look back on and remember the innocent joy of childhood.