atlanta senior session

Britt | Atlanta Senior Photographer


Such an exciting age. You stand at the edge of adolescence, eagerly leaning into adulthood and all its promised freedoms and privileges and responsibilities. It’s a time to stretch your wings and explore. And it’s very much a journey.

We decided to photograph Britt’s senior session at a local train museum near Atlanta as a nod to the idea of journeying forth into adulthood. But also, it’s a cool spot full of long-defunct buses and railway cars. Let’s be real: I love rusty, dusty antiques.

I absolutely love it when clients choose a creative location and trust me to give them something a little bit out of the ordinary. Britt’s senior session gave me exactly that with a sprinkling of edgy cool and a dash of dreamy boho romance. Every outfit choice was styled to perfection. She hardly needed any direction, but when I did give her weird poses to try, she didn’t hesitate. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see her on America’s Next Top Model, smizing her way to the final runway.

Of course, we wrapped the session with some cap and gown images. After all, it’s not every day you graduate high school!

Congratulations, Britt! I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek, and I can’t wait to finish editing your full senior photo gallery.


Ostara: A Spring Portrait Session

There’s still a chill in the air, but spring has been edging her way into the scene for some time now.

A bloom here, tender green leaves just beginning to unfurl there, quiet explosions of color and birdsong where winter left bare branches not so long ago.

The cycle of birth and rebirth moves on, and untamed Ostara breathes new life into even the most barren of surroundings once again.

Model: Tiffany Mayfield

A distorted image of Ostara standing in a barren, rocky landscape in a black gown.
A slightly distorted image of Ostara dancing in a barren and rocky place.
Slightly distorted image of Ostara dancing in a barren and rocky place.
The wind whips at Ostara’s black gown as she walks through a barren, rocky landscape under a cloudless blue sky.
Ostara crouches among dead trees, surrounded by bare branches.
Woman in a black gown sits on a rocky surface, red blooms appearing beneath her outstretched hand.
Tiny red and white blooms.
A green-eyed woman in a black gown rests her head on a million tiny white flowers.
Woman in a black dress standing in a field of tall golden grass under a cloudless blue sky.
Portrait of a woman lying on moss.
What was once rocky and barren is now covered in lush moss and yellow flowers as Ostara dances her way through the landscape.
Ostara basks in the warmth, turning her face to the sun, a sprig of yellow flowers tucked behind her ear.