Alex + Elena

Mariana was an absolute delight for our wedding. I found her through browsing local photographers in our area and as soon as I saw her pictures I was absolutely breathless! Her style of editing and the way she captures her art was exactly what my husband and I were looking for. We wanted our wedding to be one big party and not to be taken so seriously. We just wanted to remember how much fun everything was and have our photographer capture our friends and family organically enjoying the moment. Boy did she deliver!! Mariana was very easy to communicate with and was punctual to all of our meet ups. She's also frickin hilarious and makes you feel comfortable and at ease when she’s working. When we first met up with her it was like meeting up with a close friend and not, y'know, making a business transaction 😂. Her assistant that helped out with our wedding was a hoot too she played no games making sure she got the shot! Overall my husband and I enjoyed our time with her. Whether it was doing our engagement photos or capturing our big day she was an absolute delight and made our wedding so memorable. We appreciate her work so much and she worked so hard! I'm wholeheartedly happy with our pictures and it puts a smile on my face whenever I look back on them. I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend her!!

Livia + Daniel

When I came across Starglass Photography, I was immediately drawn to her style of beauty and fantasy. Her previous work was stunning, and the fantasy elements, I was certain she was perfect for the elopement I had imagined. With a little bit of hopefulness and a bit of anxiety, I sent her an email explaining that my fiance and I wanted to marry at a certain date, that we wanted to have a hobbit tea party, and bring our beloved Norwegian cat with us if possible. Mariana responded back quickly and enthusiastically, asking questions and even being helpful with possible locations. "How would you feel about traveling to Portland?" We asked her. Meeting us in Oregon was so helpful, and we greatly appreciated her flexibility! I was worried about finding a photographer with a style I really connected with, might be limited due to traveling, but that wasn't the case with Starglass Photography. She was lovely communicating with, very lively and personable. I have anxiety communicating with people, but after video chatting with Mariana, all of that went away. I could tell that she really was looking forward to the photo shoot, her comfortableness helped ease my nerves. Building up to the time of our adventure elopement, I had some complications with my dress and a few other elements, that I had completely miss booked the flowers, flights, and accommodations for the date, I was thinking we had planned our elopement for the day after our original date. I was so worried and surprised by this, but Mariana didn't even miss a beat in confirming the date would be what I had thought it was. She was very generous and understanding, didn't even bring it up. The morning we met up, she was all smiles and enthusiasm. My husband prefers to be behind the camera instead of in front of it, so I was concerned about how comfortable he would be but with Starglass Photography, it wasn't an issue at all. She let us enjoy our moments of staring at each other, talking, laughing, offering suggestions whenever she had an idea or when we had an idea that we weren't sure how to fully accomplish. She even joined in joking with us, or pointing out when we did something that she wanted us to do again for a shot. Her personality shown through in how personable she could be, her keen eye for detail, her understanding of our personalities as we stood in front of her camera. Sometimes my husband and I would pause in the middle of photo takes, and he would join her behind the camera, asking her about the time exposure and certain features on her camera while she continued to get detailed shots of our rings and the bouquet. She didn't seem to mind at all, and they would talk during those moments, which I believe my husband enjoyed. He really admired her style and eye for the photos she took. I'm currently already searching through ideas to possibly hire Starglass Photography again, maybe something Alice in Wonderland inspired next time! A future "We're pregnant!" photoshoot, who knows. I believe that any photographs I might desire, I would gladly have done by Starglass photography. I would most definitely recommend Starglass Photography for any photography work that you require. If you have an idea in mind, be it fantasy inspired, modern, romantic, adventurous, or contemporary, I'm certain Starglass Photography will be able to execute it. You'll be pleasantly surprised, and in love with the results.

Matt + Kelsey

Can not recommend her enough! Amazing, positive, energetic photographer! We wouldn’t consider anyone else! We are IN LOVE with the photos. We are still just stunned how beautiful our wedding photos and are so sincerely thankful.